Für App-Lösungen ohne App-Stores

Apps without app stores

Distribute your app on your terms. Internal solutions call for internal distribution – not for app stores.

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Efficiently reaching the goal

Programming is similar to a game of golf

The point is not getting the ball in the hole but how many strokes it takes.

–Harlan Mills

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Development in Packages

Often an idea changes during the creation of an app or website because you notice that e.g. another process looks more natural or that an absolutely central function was forgotten during the first planning. In order to take these circumstances into account, we deliver your app or website in packages. This means that we send you the intermediate status several times during development for testing for testing. In this way, you can follow the project during its creation and take countermeasures at an early stage if the solution doesn’t go in the direction that you have imagined. This saves time and money in the long term, since you don’t have to start a large feedback round at the end of a project and can avoid big late adjustments.

Internal solutions – internal distribution

Your internal app doesn’t need to be publicly visible in the app stores for everyone to download. Your solution calls for a distribution mechanism on your terms, tailored for your target audience.

Fully functional

Getting an app with all the features you need, doesn’t require an app store.

Keep it on your servers

Web based solutions can run completely on your servers – no access for Apple and Google.

Quick delivery

Avoiding long review cycles for the app stores leads to faster delivery times.

Not for the public

Your internal solution – your target audience.


Opinions of our customers

Voice-controlled mirror

“My guests are absolutely thrilled with the Märchenpiegel. Ingenious implementation of speech recognition! And even in 5 languages. “

Mike Mey

Hotel Schönbrunnen

Appointment booking system

“Professional in every way, customer-oriented and reliable. Impressive product that completely meets the expectations! “

Dr. Elisa Pasch

MVZ Dr. Pasch GmbH

Mailing automation

“Without the help of Dominique Uebersax, we would have had to write our 1’000 letters individually. Thank you for the time saved. Good work!”

Roland Marbet

Männerchor Kappel

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Applying and passing on technical knowledge is my passion

About me

I have worked in many software projects in many different roles. My passion keeps drawing me to modern, innovative approaches and technologies that help you think outside the box. It is important to me to continuously develop my knowledge and my products and to proceed step by step in all projects. Often the term of agile software development is used today. Since this term has now received some negative connotations due to bad experiences, I prefer to use the term “progressive software development”. It implicitly contains both: the process, as well as the product. Both are iteratively structured and are constantly reviewed and improved. My experience in large companies combined with the flexibility of a small company make me the ideal app development partner for both SMEs and global companies.

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Our customers include

from small businesses, to established SMEs, to international companies

Uebersax online services OÜ

About our company

Uebersax Online Services OÜ is a private limited liability company I run with my wife for our online services in the areas of web and app development, e-commerce and online training. An online-run company with low administration costs also benefits our customers in terms of lower prices. The legal form of the Estonian Osaühing (OÜ) corresponds to a GmbH and our customers in Europe and around the world can rely on the reliability of an EU-based company in Swiss hands.

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